Kamis, 14 April 2022

How to solve "Can't choose a drive" bug on Xbox Game App (Windows 11)

"Buggy Xbox App"

Xbox Game Pass was a gift for people on budget like me that can't afford to buy AAA games every day. I guess cheap product comes with caveat too. In my experience, I only have headache using Xbox app on my laptop, especially thanks to restricted folder structure that came with UWP apps. Anyway let's just cut the case, here's how I solve "can't choose a drive" bug when installing a game via Xbox app by using remote install feature.

One thing for sure you need to have a phone, either iOS or Android is OK. You can even use android emulator if you don't have a phone. Don't forget to set where you installed Windows store apps in settings first, since you can't choose drive if you remote install it via phone, which is the only way you can install if you have this annoying bug.


1. Install Xbox Game Pass from Play Store or Apple App Store

2. Login with your account that you use on your PC

3. Choose game that you want to install

4. Click install to, choose your PC

5. and it's done! 

Honestly how Microsoft makes shitty apps like this is just beyond me, I mean they literally made Windows. Oh well. This is only temporary workaround, I hope this bug will be fixed soon.

Remember that you need to set where new apps will be installed here, before you use the workaround above. Hope it helps!

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